Miami Beach's First Pot Dispensary to Open on 4/20

It looks like 4/20 will be a big day for marijuana in Miami Beach. The island’s first cannabis dispensary will open on South Beach tomorrow, just over a year after city commissioners agreed on four zones where marijuana establishments would be allowed to set up shop.

Though dispensaries have been opening across Florida, Miami Beach has taken its time to get with the medical marijuana program. The city, which passed multiple moratoriums banning the sale of medical marijuana after the passage of Amendment 2, has given Surterra permission to begin doing business at 1523 Alton Rd., just south of Lincoln Road.

Surterra is one of the largest marijuana providers in Florida. It has a farm in Homestead and dispensaries in Tampa, Tallahassee, Pensacola, and Orlando and will soon open in Jacksonville and Miami Beach, as well as other locations. The cannabis firm also offers statewide home delivery. And according to Surterra Holdings CEO Jake Bergmann, the company is still growing.

“We’ve got nine locations that are under construction or completed as of now,” Bergmann says. “With the Miami Beach location opening, we’ll have seven locations open across the state. We’re on track to have 22 locations by the end of the year.”

Marijuana pills at Trulieve, Miami’s first storefront dispensary.

Kristin Bjornsen

The location features an open space designed to be inviting to patients coming in to browse medicinal products, as well as a garden and a kitchen. For many medical marijuana patients in Miami and Miami Beach, the opening of a dispensary a stone’s throw from Lincoln Road will likely mark a major shift.

Until now, the closest dispensary to the urban center has been the Trulieve location next to Miami International Airport. “It’s an honor, really,” Bergmann says. “Our team has worked tirelessly

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Neighborhood dispute over Cambridge dispensary could upend Massachusetts' marijuana industry

A dispute between neighbors has the potential to derail Massachusetts’ entire marijuana industry.

Cambridge neighbors of the medical marijuana dispensary Healthy Pharms have sued the dispensary in federal court.

The neighbors, led by Crimson Galeria, argue that federal law, under which marijuana is illegal, should pre-empt state law, which allows it. They are using the RICO statute, a law crafted to address mob-related racketeering, to argue that Healthy Pharms and the businesses that support it are involved in illegal marijuana crimes, which are lowering neighborhood property values. If a judge agrees with their argument, Massachusetts could have to reconsider its medical and recreational marijuana programs.

“This case certainly has broad and far-reaching implications for the marijuana industry in general,” said Scott Schlager, lead counsel for Crimson Galeria and an attorney with Nathanson and Goldberg.

Emma Quinn-Judge, a partner at Zalkind, Duncan and Bernstein who represents Healthy Pharms, agreed that the consequences could be significant.

“It should be concerning to the citizens of Massachusetts that you could have a case in federal court that completely undermines something Massachusetts voters voted on repeatedly and various levels of state government have put a lot of work into figuring out,” Quinn-Judge said.

Healthy Pharms opened in late December in the high-rent Harvard Square neighborhood. It closed temporarily in February after a pesticide was found in its product, and it remains closed today while under investigation by the Department of Public Health.

Several commercial real estate businesses that own neighboring properties brought two lawsuits to keep Healthy Pharms out. The first is a zoning appeal, which is pending in state court. The second is the federal RICO suit filed in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts.

RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a federal law that provides increased penalties for crimes committed as

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The Best Dispensaries in San Diego Right Now

As of January 1, 2018, weed is now legal for any and all kinds of users in the great state of California — we even put together a statewide legal weed guide to celebrate it! With the end of prohibition comes a glut of new, fully licensed dispensaries that are able to sell product to both medical and recreational patients, and existing dispensaries have responded by upping their customer service regimens, adding bells and whistles, and decking out the decor. Unfortunately, with legalization also comes a few headaches, like longer lines, higher prices and, in some cases, reduced selection, meaning that some dispensaries have chosen to stay strictly medical. Regardless of designation, though, here are the best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego.

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Bay Park
Easily the bougiest and flashiest of San Diego’s dispensaries, Urbn Leaf’s two locations in Bay Park and Golden Hill are sleek, modern, and look like they could double as matcha-serving cafes straight off of Instagram. They also sell one of the widest varieties of non-bud product out there, including lubes, suppositories, salves, and more; the bud they do have is often proprietary and high quality. Urbn Leaf has also employed a branded “CannaBus,” which it uses to shuttle would-be customers from bars in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach right to its Bay Park location.

Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op

Point Loma
Enthusiasts’ favorite dispensary in the Point Loma area is Golden State Greens, which used to be called Point Loma Patient-Consumer Co-op. The interior is plain, but nice — all of the floors and counters are paneled in light-colored wood, with some of the selection available in ensconced glass

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Future medical marijuana dispensary in West Monroe has folks on the fence

WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) – After years of delays, medical marijuana is coming to Louisiana. The Louisiana Pharmacy Board can only award 10 licenses.

The Monroe area got its license Wednesday, which made it the first of its kind in northeast Louisiana.

Shreveport business partners Greg Morrison and William Windham are putting the pharmacy at Mcmillan Rd. in West Monroe.

They’ll call it Delta Medmar.

“Getting started this is going to be a real challenge. Because you’re going to have to build client-based,” said Morrison. “We’re going to have to find doctors that will prescribe the medication. You’re going to have to develop clients. So, it’s going to be a tough business for the first couple of years.”

It’s down the street from Glenwood regional medical center. And, it’s right next door to an autism center for children.

“We purposely chose this site that would be away from things that would be inappropriate for our clientele,” Llyod Boudloche, owner of Behavioral Developmental Services, LLC, said.

Boudloche said having the dispensary there is going to be an issue.

“We will fight is as much as we could, and if there was no other option, we might have to relocate. I just don’t see how it would affect us,” Boudloche said.

Morrison said he had no idea the center was there.

“Part of the criteria of the application was to make sure that you locate it in a medical district,” Morrison said.

He said he’ll work with his neighbors. It’s just another hurdle they’ll need to get over.

Morrison said the goal here isn’t to spark controversy.

“I hope that it gives the medical community the alternative to opioid-for people that suffer from a lot of different things,” Morrison said.

The drugs dispensed at these pharmacies isn’t smokable

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Williams Lake dispensary raided twice by RCMP, still open for business

A Williams Lake marijuana dispensary isn’t letting two police raids get in the way of business.

Mary Jane’s Glass and Gifts in Williams Lake was raided for over two kilograms of pot and a “large sum of cash” April 3, according to local RCMP.

It’s the second time in a year the shop has been raided.

Three people were arrested in the most recent raid, and police are pursuing drug trafficking charges.

Store manager Mark Cowan was among those arrested, and — for the second time since last April — decided to reopen the store just days after it was raided.

“I have people who really depend on what I do,” said Cowan, speaking of his medical patients. “They don’t have other options — I have to be here for people, so that’s why I keep opening my doors.”

Despite the looming legalization of pot nationwide , Williams Lake RCMP say marijuana trafficking is still a criminal offence and laws will still be enforced. (CBC)

The dispensary was first raided in April 2017 following an investigation into suspected marijuana trafficking. After the raid, Cowan was one of two people charged with drug trafficking.

According to Cpl. Madonna Saunderson, police have a duty to clamp down on unlicensed marijuana distribution.

“Right now, the RCMP enforces the law in Canada,” Saunderson told CBC News.

“At this point in time, marijuana possession, trafficking, etc. is illegal,” she added. “That may change in the future, but right now, when the police are presented with evidence to support illegal activity, then they’re certainly going to pursue that venture.”

Marijuana is expected to be legalized across Canada later this year.

Community support

Mark Cowan will appear in B.C. Supreme Court in Williams Lake in October to defend himself from charges stemming from the first raid.

“It is a possibility that they might raid me again,” he said. “For me, in my heart

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