Marijuana dispensary numbers could grow with recreational pot

LAS VEGAS – The last marijuana dispensary in Clark County is set to open in a matter of weeks.

All municipalities in southern Nevada that are participating in a pot program have hit the maximum allowed under state law.

Cultivate is located near Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard. 

Not only have municipalities hit the maximum allowed, but the state has allowed a few to go over the limit. Despite the cap on dispensaries, the number could double as soon as the permanent recreational program comes online.

“You can see, we’ve done quite a bit,” said Matthew McClure, general manager, Cultivate. “We’re kind of in the tail end of this.” 

It’s been a long time coming but Cultivate is getting ready to open.

“We have the final inspection left to do, which we’ll be able to do once we’ve completed our construction inspections,” McClure said.

The medical marijuana dispensary is number 26 in Clark County. The last one to be approved.

“I’d like to think that we’re saving the best for last, you know, I think again, if we could have done it before, we would have,” McClure said. 

Under state law, Clark County and cities within, are allowed up to 40 dispensaries combined, but there are currently 48 of them.

Some counties and cities in the state are not participating in any marijuana program so those licenses have been handed over to Clark County.

“It took a long time to get the medical up and running but the recreational has been very fast and unbelievably smooth,” said state Senator Tick Segerblom, (D) District 3. 

Since last July, a number of marijuana facilities have been selling both medical and recreational pot under a provisional program, until the state approves permanent regulations for the retail program approved by voters in 2016.

“They’ve been approved by the taxation and now

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Terrapin-Funded Connects Pot and Politics

Welcome to 2018, when distinguished political reporters are jumping ship to report on pot. Run by longtime political reporter Peter Marcus, just-launched website is striving to be the intersection between pot and politics while also shedding light on daily developments in the cannabis industry as a whole.

“We’re not trying to compete or necessarily be breaking news with this site, but usually when you see stories on cannabis, it’s [aggregated] — but we also want to be highlighting the significance and meaning of that news,” says Marcus, a former political reporter for and the Durango Herald who joined the site as editor before its launch. “We’re not trying to speak for the cannabis industry; we’re trying to give our unique perspective on it.”

The site is funded by Terrapin Care Station, a Boulder-born dispensary chain with locations in Aurora, Boulder and Denver, and is intended to offer pot-centric news with a subjective twist. For example, a recent article on Republican Senator Cory Gardner presents him as a “cannabis champion” and lists several instances of Gardner’s work on legal cannabis, states’ rights and tax reform as proof. The site also delves into United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision to revoke the Cole Memorandum and nine years’ worth of federal protective guidelines for state-compliant cannabis businesses and users.

“There’s been a trillion stories on Sessions and the memo, but what impact did it have? As it turns out, it was of very little impact,” adds Marcus, who also serves as communications director for Terrapin. “I wanted to highlight the timing of his memo, because it’s important to understand the full impact of what’s going on.”

Peter Marcus moved from journalism to cannabis communications after more than a decade covering politics.

Courtesy of Terrapin Care Station

There are four main sections

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Medical marijuana dispensary planned for Agawam

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – A medical marijuana cultivation facility and dispensary could be coming to the town of Agawam. Mayor William Sapelli announced Wednesday that the town had reached an agreement with Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers, Inc. (DMCTC).

DMCTC wants to open their facility at 584 Meadow Street Extension- commonly known as the Herzenberg Building- which faces the South End Bridge Rotary. Their plan includes both growing space, and a public dispensary.

The town had reached a preliminary agreement with DMCTC under the administration of former Mayor Richard Cohen, but Sapelli renewed negotiations after taking office this January.

“This agreement provides additional monies to the Town, and enhances the Town’s tax base. Also, our negotiations led to an increase in the annual payment that the Town will receive,” Sapelli said in a statement sent to 22News.
Under the agreement, each year, DMCTC will pay the town 3% of its gross proceeds, or $125,000; whichever is a greater amount. The company also has to formulate a safety plan for the facility, in conjunction with the Agawam Police Department. They also have to pay real, personal, and property taxes, even though they are a not-for-profit institution.
DMCTC had earlier proposed to create a medical marijuana facility in Holyoke, but they have since changed their application with the state to indicate their intention to set-up shop in Agawam. > Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Posts

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Company applying to open medical pot dispensary in Wendover

ELKO — Elko County might be landing its first medical marijuana dispensary in West Wendover.

The Elko Daily Free Press reported Tuesday that Deep Roots Medical LLC is completing a revised application to present to the West Wendover City Council.

City Manager Chris Melville says the City Council will finish the work on its end and then send the application to the state Department of Taxation, which could issue a medical marijuana license.

Melville says that Deep Roots, which was granted a tentative medical dispensary certificate by the state, plans to build a dispensary with a warehouse to start.

He says Deep Roots might later consider a cultivation and production facility, if the company receives separate state approval.

West Wendover will permit only one medical dispensary.

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Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Newburgh

Licensed pharmacist to manage Orange County’s first outlet for medical marijuana

Published Feb 21, 2018 at 9:24 am (Updated Feb 21, 2018)



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NEWBURGH — Curaleaf New York opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Newburgh on Tuesday, the first of its kind in Orange County.

“Patients in Newburgh and Orange County deserve access to high-quality, medical-grade marijuana, and for too long, they have had to travel too far for these treatments,” said Michelle Bodner, President of PalliaTech NY, which will operate the dispensary under the brand name Curaleaf New York. “We look forward to helping the patients that need the highly-regulated medicine we provide and becoming an active and engaged member of the Newburgh business community.”

Curaleaf New York is leasing the building at 8 North Plank Road. The site was chosen because it provides convenient access for patients and is a five-minute drive from the intersection of I-87 and I-84, two of New York’s major highways.

In Newburgh, Curaleaf New York says will offer a wide-range of medical-grade cannabis products with consistent measured dosing and potency to provide precise treatments to patients authorized under the state’s program. The dispensary will be managed by a licensed pharmacist and staffed with between 10 to 15 employees. All employees will be vetted through background checks and undergo rigorous training to ensure that all dispensed products meet Curaleaf New York’s high standards of quality and comply with New York State program requirements.

On Aug. 1, the New York State Department of Health announced it had authorized five additional organizations to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana in the state after it was determined the program needed to be expanded to meet patient demand. In addition to this location in Newburgh, Curaleaf will also be opening dispensaries in Carle Place on Long

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