4 Ann Arbor marijuana dispensaries up for approval tonight

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Ann Arbor Planning Commission will consider special zoning approvals for four medical marijuana dispensaries when it meets Tuesday night, April 3.

On the commission’s agenda are applications for the Om of Medicine dispensary at 111 S. Main St., the Michigan Natural Remedies dispensary 1202 Packard, the Arborside dispensary at 1818 Packard, and the Huron View dispensary at 3152 Packard.

The commission meets at 7 p.m. inside the council chambers on the second floor of city hall, 301 E. Huron St.

Members of the public will be allowed to speak at public hearings before the commission votes.

The commission also is considering a proposal for a four-story, 267-unit apartment building at 2050 Commerce Blvd.

Ann Arbor’s new zoning regulations for medical marijuana businesses took effect last month, and the city has seen a flurry of applications from cannabis entrepreneurs recently.

That includes existing dispensaries seeking to become official under new city and state regulations, new ones looking to open, and at least one planning an expansion in the heart of downtown.

A review of city records shows at least 25 dispensaries have sought approval to operate in Ann Arbor this year. Four of those already have gone through zoning approval and 21 others are pending.

The city three months ago agreed to let 18 existing marijuana businesses continue to operate while they go through the new licensing process that’s now playing out.

The city’s Planning Commission has the task of considering each dispensary’s application and deciding, with city staff input, whether they qualify for special zoning approval to allow them to operate.

They do not go to City Council for approval, though the council established the rules for them. One of those rules is that dispensaries must be spaced at least 600 feet apart to avoid clusters of

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