5 Gaylord Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Among Those Ordered to Close By State

March 30, 2018

More than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan have been ordered to shutdown.

The state issued cease and desist letters to dispensaries operating without having applied for a license, or that exist in areas that haven’t opted into the state’s licensing act.

Some are in Northern Michigan, including five in Gaylord.

The city of Gaylord opted out of the state’s licensing act about a month ago.

And many places like Gaylord Provisions where the cease and desist letter is still taped to the door, have not had medical marijuana for quite a while.

That’s the case for each place we visited.

“We are known, we just don’t want to be known as a dispensary,”

Allwell Natural Health was one of the five to receive the letter.

Owner Frank James was shocked.

“We were initially surprised by it, because we haven’t been a dispensary since the initial raids back in July,” Frank said.

Frank now just sells health food and natural supplements.

Even the green cross outside has been covered up.

“Staying completely away from medical marijuana industry. We called the state right then and the state police and let them know that we are not a dispensary in anyway,” Frank said.

What about the others who received letters?

Right next to a medical marijuana certification center is where the state says we’ll find “natural remedies.”

But the green building is clearly for rent.

Up the road is supposedly, Superior Green Collective.

There’s no signage and there’s still a Christmas wreath on the door

We drove another couple blocks to Compassionate Caregivers, but there was no sign of a dispensary.

“This building is vacant has been vacant since October of 2015,” David Banaszak said.

David Banaszak owns the small engine shop next door.

“I’m gonna

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