5 marketing mistakes that can kill your cannabis dispensary business

Success waits for cannabis business owners who do their homework in dispensary marketing across channels with a variety of techniques. But at the very least, anyone working in or owning a cannabis business should remember that marketing is anything but consistent and straightforward.

Top Five Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill a Dispensary

Those who failed at looking into their strategies and continuously committing mistakes could be eating dust and closing up shops anytime sooner.

To prevent it from happening, know the top five mistakes that dispensaries make in marketing to reduce trial and error when finding a suitable dispensary marketing approach for you.

Not Good Targeting and Researching

It is a common mistake among dispensaries that do not perform thorough research. Regardless of how excellent their products and services are or how passionate they are on those, they’re only driving directionless without targeting and researching.

To carve a name in this industry, you should know your target market well by researching about them –preferences, age, location, and so on,  allowing you to spot what competitors are doing and identify opportunities in your market.

Not Taking Into Account the SEO

The level of competition heightens as the cannabis industry expands.

Dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal are also growing in number. Without even saying, those who would fail taking SEO into account could fall into the wayside of things.

Eighty percent of consumers, at the very least, research online before choosing a marijuana retailer or dispensary.  A huge mistake to make is overlooking the importance of SEO in marketing that can improve online and mobile visibility.

To prevent this dispensary marketing mistake, make sure that your dispensary website is SEO-optimized and designed and developed to cater for search engine algorithms. By doing so, you have a better chance of ranking on

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