A Second Wave of Cannabis Dispensaries

If you think San Francisco has a lot of cannabis dispensaries now, brace yourself for that number to possibly double. The San Francisco Office of Cannabis is currently vetting 47 new applications for marijuana dispensaries and delivery services desperate to operate, in addition to the 46 currently conducting business within the city.

Curious, SF Weekly reviewed all 47 applicants seeking new cannabis retail permits. Some applications hint at additional locations for existing dispensaries, like a new Barbary Coast North Beach location, to complement the one in SoMa.

Others are existing delivery services that hope to open brick-and-mortar shops, like Kind Courier’s proposed new location near 14th and Folsom streets.

Several are from familiar businesses not currently associated with the cannabis industry, but which want in on that game. Popular Castro cafe Flore hopes to open a Flore Store dispensary across the street, while Bayview burger-and-croughnut joint CDXX has applied for a dispensary permit not far from its previous Third Street location.

Still more of these applicants are local newbies with quirky stoner names like Displeased Marmot. Others are out-of-town industry giants like the L.A.-based MedMen, who hope to make a splash in promising San Francisco.

And most interestingly, one of the applicant locations is a strip club. The application for a company called Crazed Caribou hopes to do business at 312 Columbus Ave., the current location of Little Darlings gentlemen’s club. And before you ask, no, a business cannot be both a strip club and a cannabis dispensary. It’s one or the other.

Choosing which of the above can open up shop are just some of the many decisions tasked to the San Francisco Office of Cannabis. And in typical San Francisco form, the red tape is layers thick.

“Right now, we are in the process of reviewing applicants for eligibility

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