Advanced Cannabis Software WebJoint Can Automate Compliance for Dispensaries

Advanced software designed for the cannabis industry can automate reports to maintain compliance with regulations.

Automation can also keep cannabis business operations running smoothly and provide a seamless online customer experience.

Pyrotree Inc, a Los Angeles-based cannabis software company, provides an all-in-one service called WebJoint that operators can use to generate data on point of sale, inventory, distribution and more for required reporting to government agencies.

WebJoint recently announced closing a $1.5 million funding round led by RedTape Ventures. Since 2014, WebJoint has grown to nearly 200 retail clients, and is the only cannabis compliance software with an integrated website builder & eCommerce platform.

Dispensaries that use integrated technology to provide better service have an advantage, whether they’re using their website to alert patients about what’s in stock, or to manage delivery services and track a driver’s location at a given time.

WebJoint is poised to be a leading provider to businesses compliant with all city and state laws moving forward, according to a release.

Pyrotree Inc co-founders Christopher Dell’Olio and Hilart Abrahamian made a stir this year as 22-year-old entrepreneurs by raising millions for their company. They talked to Cashinbis about their all-in-one software, and plans for 2018.

Christopher Dell’Olio – CEO (on left), Hilart Abrahamian – COO (on right) (WebJoint)

How does WebJoint cannabis business software help dispensary operators manage compliance?

Dell’Olio: The need for compliance in Colorado and Nevada means getting down to the metric. What cannabis they’re harvesting, how much, where the product is going – is it going to an edible manufacturer? How many edibles are produced from it? It will be hard for anyone not familiar with regulations.

With our service, the state will be able to track where the product came from, and we can automatically report to the state so operators don’t have to worry about compliance reporting.


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