An Oregon Dispensary Is Selling $40 Ounces Of Cannabis Flower And I Bought One (Review)

I started consuming cannabis in Oregon in the early 90s. I have seen my state go through many transitions over the years, from a completely unregulated market with no dispensaries, to a state where dispensaries operated in the shadows, to regulated medical cannabis dispensaries, to full adult-use legalization. It has been a wild ride, to say the least.

Back in the earlier years of my consumption career cannabis was hard to find and if it was any good, it was really, really expensive. Ten years ago it was not unheard of to have to pay $300+ for top-shelf cannabis. In the early 2010s the price started to drop. It went down to $265, then $250, $225, and so on. Top shelf-ounces at Oregon dispensaries can still get up there in price, but that’s by far the exception versus the rule.

Medium-shelf cannabis is particularly cheap in Oregon. In decades past I would refer to it as ‘work’ or ‘beasters.’ These days the mid-range quality is often referred to as simply ‘mids.’ Whatever you call it, there’s a market for it. Whether it’s just veteran consumers looking for a deal or someone with low tolerance that prefers lower potency flower, the demand for mids is surprisingly growing with the continued rise of the modern day cannabis economy.

I often get into discussions on various social media platforms about what part of America has the cheapest dispensary ounce. That means that the final price has to include tax, the flower has to be lab tested, and the deal has to be ongoing – meaning no one-weekend deals. I heard of a dispensary selling $28 ounces in Eugene, Oregon last weekend, but that was just a flash sale from what I understand. I have been on the hunt for the cheapest standing-deal ounce in Oregon and

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