Ann Arbor may limit marijuana dispensaries after 30-plus seek OK

ANN ARBOR, MI – After a wave of requests from medical marijuana dispensaries seeking approval to operate in Ann Arbor, prompting concerns from some residents, city officials are calling for a temporary moratorium on issuing new permits.

The City Council will consider three resolutions regarding marijuana dispensaries when it meets Monday night, April 16.

One is a resolution to direct the city’s staff to prepare an ordinance amendment to limit the number of dispensaries in the city and to impose a 60-day moratorium on new permits, with the exception of dispensaries whose complete applications for zoning approval already have been accepted by the city for consideration.

“City Council finds it necessary to impose this moratorium in order to promote the public health, safety, and welfare of city residents,” the proposed resolution states.

It’s sponsored by Mayor Christopher Taylor and Council Members Zachary Ackerman, Graydon Krapohl, Julie Grand and Jane Lumm.

The resolution notes state law allows the city to adopt an ordinance stipulating the types of marijuana facilities allowed in the city, as well as limiting the number of each type.

“City Council would like to consider limiting the number of medical marijuana provisioning centers and other medical marijuana facilities in order to determine the effect over time of having medical marijuana facilities in the community, given the significant amount of interest in opening these facilities within the city,” it states, arguing it would be counter-productive to continue to approve new dispensary applications while ordinance changes are under consideration.

If the resolution is approved as worded, the city administrator and city attorney would be directed to draft an amendment to the city code to limit the number of dispensary permits available in the city to the number of approvable special-exception use applications already accepted for consideration by the city.

The ordinance amendment

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