Ann Arbor thinks 28 marijuana dispensaries is high enough

ANN ARBOR, MI – Ann Arbor is seeking to cap the number of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in the city to avoid too many cannabis businesses sprouting in Tree Town.

As many cannabis entrepreneurs seek to set up shop, city officials are thinking 28 dispensaries is high enough.

The City Council is expected to finalize ordinance changes with the new limit at its next meeting on Monday night, May 21.

The council already voted unanimously and without discussion last week to give initial approval to the 28-dispensary limit.

City officials say they have no problem with the dispensaries that have been operating in Ann Arbor for the last several years and they’re open to welcoming more, but they think there should be a cap.

Marijuana dispensary by Ann Arbor’s Water Hill neighborhood OK’d

Mayor Christopher Taylor said the number of potential new marijuana dispensaries represents a shift in the community and a cooling-off period is in order to see how things go.

The city’s new regulations for marijuana businesses took effect Feb. 12 and the city saw more than 30 dispensary applications by last month, some from existing dispensaries seeking to become official under the new laws and some new ones looking to set up shop.

The city’s Planning Commission is tasked with considering them on a case-by-case basis as special-exception uses, meaning they require special zoning approval. Once the zoning is approved, dispensaries still need building compliance approval, permit approval through the city clerk’s office and license approval through the state.

The Planning Commission has approved the zoning for nine marijuana dispensaries so far this year:

Liv Cafe N Wellness, 603 E. William St. Bloom City Club, 423 Miller Ave. Arbors Wellness, 321 E. Liberty St. Treecity Health Collective, 2730 Jackson Ave. Greenstone Society, 338 S. Ashley St. Stadium

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