Aphria to Supply Medical Marijuana to Shoppers Drug Mart

Maximizing yield is crucial to your commercial cultivation success. While trial and error is one path, it’s not the only option. Among the industry’s most valuable resources are experienced growers willing to share their expertise. Cannabis Business Times reached out to several commercial cultivators for these top tips—from indoor growers and those who use vertical farming, to greenhouse and outdoor farmers—to help you get the most out of your harvest.

Kevin Biernacki, Director of Cultivation, The Grove, Las Vegas, Nev.

1. Start with Good, Fresh, Healthy Genetics

“The most important thing, on top of everything, is genetics. There are so many genetics out there right now, and the last thing you want is plants that are starting to have some form of genetic drift.

“What we do is bring in [a] first run of seeds. Then … we’ll find the phenotype that’s doing its best and then employ that phenotype into a room where we test it … before we put it into full production. It’s a matter of slowly finding those genetics that really work for you.”

2. Maintain a Comfortable Environment for the Plant and the Genetics You’re Growing

“A key component to a vertical grow is having really good, solid air circulation to maintain your environment more precisely. That said, because heat rises and cold sinks, we find that inevitably, you’re still going to get a slightly warmer upper level and a slightly cooler lower level. So we try to adjust our genetics based on that.

“If we have a genetic that’s more prone to liking high heat, we’ll put it at the top. If we have a genetic that maybe is prone to more coloring, maybe it turns a lot more purple [at a cooler temperature], we’ll put that strain toward the bottom. Because we can make

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