Aquaponics farmer looking to grow medical marijuana

OKC Veggies aquaponics farm (Ben Schons)

SPENCER, Okla. — 

The passage of State Question 788 has many Oklahomans considering a future in the medical marijuana business.

Ben Schons, a local aquaponics farmer, is one of them.

Schons recently turned an old carport into a greenhouse. He and his wife, Jessica, have since created a small but fruitful operation they call OKC Veggies.

“You got another two to three weeks on these and we’ll probably be doing sells on Facebook or sell them to the zoo,” Schons said while pointing to a batch of kale and lettuce.

Aquaponics is a highly efficient method of indoor farming with the unique ability to grow both fish and vegetables in tandem.

Schons learned the concept while working on a farm in Puerto Rico.

With the passage of SQ 788, he plans to expand on that knowledge and cultivate a thriving commercial cannabis growing operation.

“Soon as possible, we will apply for the commercial grow license and we would like to just grow for a distributor or something like that,” said Schons.

It’s a project already in the making.

“Our shop we will be growing in, we have natural light,” Schons told FOX 2. “We’re going to seal off this garage door and only have one accessible door.”

It’s going to take more than a few months to establish. But once it’s up and running, Schons is confident it will be a success.

In fact, he’s so confident that he’s sharing his knowledge with others.

“We’re just giving information, like I said, to help the public be educated and not make the bad mistake of, ‘Well, I saw on the internet I’m going to go spend a $1000 and really I

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