As Prohibition Ends, Corporations Eye Profitable Seed Market

CANNABIS CULTURE – European seed banks are churning out dozens of new strains every year, but soon they’ll have to face a market revolution brought by legalization. As prohibition is dying, the game is changing, and the new players have means to dominate the game with government-friendly corporate culture.

There were probably never as many options for cannabis growers as there are right now. New seed banks are springing up like mushrooms, and their catalogues list way too much stuff to wrap one’s head around. “So many strains, so little time”, as the popular saying goes.

But in this time of prosperity, seed vendors, who managed to lodge their brand in  customers’ consciousness, have to face a nascent danger for their business looming on the horizon, that comes from fully legit Canadian enterprises such as Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth and Tilray.

They don’t waste time, and have already bought a few important biotech firms such as Anandia Laboratories to develop new cannabis strains, that’ll give them competitive edge in the market dominated so far by wild genetics.

Stabilized seeds are absolutely a reasonable alternative to clone cutting and mother rooms, but it requires a scale and market maturity, that doesn’t

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