Bay City's first medical marijuana grower inspired by mom who beat cancer

BAY CITY, MI — Bay City’s first medical marijuana grow facility could open for business this summer.

Dave Pleitner, of Howell, has submitted an application to open Golden Harvests, a grow operation he’s building out in the 300 block of Morton Street near the old Prestolite factory. The Bay City Commission votes to approve the application at its meeting Monday, May 21.

If approved, Pleitner would be the first to move forward with a grow operation in the city. So far, the city has approved licenses for five dispensaries, known as provisioning centers. Applications require an annual $5,000, nonrefundable fee.

Bay City approves medical marijuana facility, second facility investigated

Pleitner said his mom is the reason why he got involved with the new wave of medical marijuana business opportunities.

Dave PleitnerCourtesy of Dave Pleitner 

“My mom had cancer — terminal cancer — and we started giving her CBD oil, which is the medicinal side of the plant,” he said. “She’s cured today. She was only supposed to live two, three months and that was five or four years ago.”

He believes he was meant to go into the marijuana business because of the experience he had with his mom. Pleitner’s dad is a partner in the company who will work behind the scenes.

If the application for a Class C license gets approved, Pleitner can grow 1500 plants per year at his operation. He hopes to grow his business organically and stack additional grow licenses as he makes more money.

He initially plans to hire five people, but would hire more as the business grows.

Plans are in place to close on the real estate this week and secure approval from the City Commission Monday night. Once that happens, it could take a couple months to build out the facility. If all goes according to

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