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Marijuana legalization has a host of very real consequences for the country: the neutering of a dangerous black market, the slow acknowledgement of alternative medicines, and an influx of jobs, taxes, and merchandise that will shake America’s economy to the very core. However, we’re too busy swooning over the lush interiors of America’s emerging dispensary architecture to care about any of those things. Gone are blacked-out windows and the faint smell of pachouli at your local head shop, the next generation of dispensaries are well-lit, airy, and spacious. These seven interiors—best ogled with a spliff in hand—perfectly forecast an entirely new design typology, coming soon to your neighborhood.
The emerging legal marijuana industry is the fastest-growing industry in the United States. Indeed, there are even firms that specialize in the design of dispensaries and grow rooms. Erich Pearson, founder of the Sparc dispensary in San Francisco, emphasizes that the architecture should “remove the stigma around cannabis and make people feel marijuana is normal.”
We’ve compiled seven visually pleasing medical marijuana dispensaries that stand out, not for their product, but their pretty interiors.
Below, the Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California once dubbed itself the “largest pot shop on the planet,” and has a turquoise accent wall.
Photo via Funologist
Barbary Coast in San Francisco, California has some pretty classy bar stools and velvet peach couches.
Photo via THC Finder
Silver Peak in Aspen, Colorado is for the neat, woodsy type of pot smoker and looks a lot like a high-class ski lodge. Its design mimics the greenhouse where the product is grown.
Photo via Sneak Hype
Grassroots in San Francisco, California, the first medical dispensary in San Francisco to join a union, has turquoise damask wallpaper and an antique display table.
Photo via Grassroots SF
For Fruitridge Health & Wellness in Alaska, Boulder Associates designed a space as if weed were a “luxury item being consumed by connoisseurs.”
Photo via Architizer
Sparc in San Francisco, California won an AIA Interior Architecture Design Award in 2011 for its “vaguely bong-shaped lights,” cement floors, and modernist design.
Photo via Decoist
TruMed in Phoenix, Arizona is apparently so nice and inviting, a Girl Scout sold cookies outside of its doors.
Photo via TruMed
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