Big Business versus Small Business and the Future of Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

The United States is voting green, and I don’t mean for Ralph Nader. The chaos that followed in the wake of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump’s combined rhetoric in 2016 has fizzled out. Marijuana is going to continue doing what it’s always done: spread to new land. Recent science is giving consumers new and interesting products derived from processed THC or other, less researched cannabinoids.

Knowledge of CBD’s health benefits has spread and its federally legal status allows for its shipping across the USA.

We will never see a re-occurrence of the dynamic business environments in Colorado, California, and Washington state when recreational marijuana was legalized for the first time on American soil. Where there are millions to be made, big-business, with all of its cold and hard processes, shows up like the shark.

Does the Future of Marijuana Belong to Ray Crock or the Barbershop?

Ray Crock, the mastermind behind McDonald’s, discovered something primal about American shoppers and the McDonald’s business model pioneered one of the major sets of successful operating standards for businesses. George Ritzer, Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, calls McDonaldization business’ emphasis on efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control.

In the

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