Brockton dispensary to City Council: End moratorium on recreational marijuana

The head of In Good Health, the medical marijuana dispensary that opened on the west side of Brockton in 2015, said that the City Council needs to back off its ongoing recreational marijuana moratorium. In Good Health is seeking to open recreational marijuana retail and wholesale divisions as soon as possible. David Noble, the president and CEO of In Good Health, said he already signed host community agreements for the recreational marijuana with Mayor Bill Carpenter, which would provide the city with $5.5 million over the next five years, while another host community agreement for ongoing medical marijuana sales would provide $1.37 million during that time period.

BROCKTON – A medical marijuana dispensary in Brockton is telling City Council to ditch an ongoing recreational pot moratorium, and to drop a proposal for a ballot referendum on banning sales of the green, leafy substance.

Otherwise, millions of dollars in potential revenue for the city could go up in smoke, according to the head of In Good Health.

David Noble, the president and CEO of the In Good Health medical marijuana dispensary, is urging the Brockton City Council to allow his organization to go forward with plans to add wholesale and retail recreational marijuana operations. Noble said that a moratorium voted on by the City Council a few months ago, set to last through the end of the year, is stopping In Good Health from taking steps to expand its capacity and double its staff to meet the market demand for recreational marijuana.

“We are disappointed that the moratorium is still in place,” said Noble, speaking to The Enterprise by phone on Tuesday. “Our track record should make people feel comfortable with having us in that industry. We would love the opportunity to work with everybody to get to a point where

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