Brookfield considers medical marijuana regulation

BROOKFIELD — The town plans to impose regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries before these businesses apply to open in Brookfield.

The Zoning Commission is considering a rule that would limit where the dispensaries could be located. The public will discuss the regulation May 10.

A dispensary has not applied to move into town, but officials said they have heard a business might be interested. The state also has said it plans to issue new licenses to as many as 10 medical marijuana dispensaries.

Erik Kukk, chairman of the Zoning Commission, said the town needs to create a regulation before a business applies. He said the town must define what a dispensary is and in what zones the company would be permitted.

“It’s a smart idea,” Kukk said, noting that without the rules a business could apply as a pharmaceutical company, as CVS or RiteAid would, which would permit them in more zones.

The proposed rule would only allow dispensaries in the industrial or commercial districts. The facilities could not be within 1,000 feet of schools or places of worship and could not be larger than 4,000 square feet.

The business would need to be licensed by the state and could not sell recreational marijuana — regardless of any changes to state law — without additional approval from Brookfield.

On Thursday, a bill that would allow the sale of recreational marijuana in Connecticut passed a state House committee. The bill does not legalize weed and instead requires state departments to develop a plan to oversee sales and determine costs involved. A plan would be presented to the legislature by Oct 1.

After medical marijuana became legal in Connecticut, Brookfield created a moratorium against these dispensaries, but the ban has since expired, First Selectman Steve Dunn said.

He said he would not

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