Budtenders to be in high demand as Michigan preps to license medical marijuana dispensaries

DETROIT — With medical marijuana on the cusp of becoming a bona fide industry in Michigan, the people who educate customers and sell the product in dispensaries — budtenders in marijuana lingo — will be in high demand.

Across the state, as dispensaries prepare to open, owners will be seeking hundreds of workers to be the sales force and consultants for medical marijuana patients. And this won’t be your typical retail job.

While a doctor approves patients for a medical marijuana card, it’s the budtenders who will help them figure out which marijuana product might work best for them, the Detroit Free Press reported. Different strains of marijuana produce different effects, for example. And marijuana-infused edibles, concentrates and drinks take different amounts of time to kick in.

The budtender helps customers determine what might work best for them. Classes being taught both in a classroom setting and online are designed to teach those wanting to enter the business the skills of the trade.

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“Edibles break down differently in the system, so I’ll talk about how long it takes an edible to be active or noticeable in the system and how long it stays in the system,” said Farrah Vorhauer of Durango, Colorado, who, along with Rosie Yagielo, one of the owners of HempStaff, a Florida-based company that provides cannabis classes, traveled to Romulus in February to teach two, four-hour classes to more than 50 Michiganders who are hoping to get a job in medical marijuana sales.

The women teach about the plant and how the three main families of cannabis — indica, sativa and ruderalis, along with hundreds of strains derived from them — work to treat different symptoms. Sativa, for example, is better for stimulating appetite, reducing nausea and energizing while indica can be used

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