Canadian Cannabis Company Tilray Collaborates with Pharmaceutical Company

After a successful year collaborating to supply Canada’s medical cannabis market, Tilray, Inc. and Novartis have decided to take their operation global. Both companies already have footprints in multiple countries. But their new arrangement, a re-up of a Jan. 2018 partnership with an international twist, will give Tilray access to part of Novartis’ supply chain, sales force, and global distribution network. With that platform, Tilray plans to distribute non-smokable medical cannabis products to countries around the world.

Tilray, Inc. Expands Global Operations with Novartis Pharmaceutical Group Partnership

Tilray, Inc. is one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies. Tilray Canada, which listed on the Nasdaq exchange this year, is just one of its subsidiaries. The company also has operations in major cannabis exporting countries, including Australia and Germany along with emerging markets like Latin America and Portugal. Under the new agreement Tilray and Novartis announced Tuesday, Tilray Canada will collaborate with Sandoz AG.

Sandoz AG is a branch of the Novartis pharmaceutical group that manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals. And its supply chain and marketing infrastructure strategically coincide with some of Europe’s largest medical cannabis markets. In that, Tilray recognizes a massive opportunity. Since 2010, 20 more countries have legalized medical cannabis access, bringing

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