Cannabis dispensary owner ready to go mainstream as legalization approaches

With the sun setting on criminalized cannabis in Canada, one local dispensary owner is hoping he can come out of the shadows as legalization dawns.

Former municipal councillor and owner of 99 North Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Bryan Raiser is hoping to relocate to the old liquor store location, in Squamish Station Shopping Centre.

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Raiser’s current location at the end of Second Avenue isn’t great for customer parking and isn’t central, he told The Chief.

The new location, at 1200 Hunter Place, has plenty of parking and is more visible.

Location in Squamish Station where Raiser hopes to relocate. – Google Maps

In B.C., the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch will be in charge of applications for allocating retail licenses once the sale of cannabis is legal, which the federal government has said should be sometime this summer.

Raiser will apply for such a license as soon as the federal process opens, which is expected to be soon.

In the meantime, Raiser has applied for a variance to the District of Squamish’s cannabis by-laws so he can eventually set up in the new location.

Currently, dispensaries must be a minimum of 300 metres from another dispensary or a school.

Raiser said while he understands why the District wanted a buffer when cannabis was illegal, it doesn’t make sense when it is legal and sold in retails stores. No other businesses, including liquor stores, have such buffers, he noted.

“This space was a liquor store,” he said, of his potential new location, which was more recently home to The Source.

 Raiser’s new shop is 60 metres away from Squamish Elementary School— though 160 metres door-to-door and separated by Cleveland Avenue.

Public information sessions about his proposed

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