Cape Cod's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Mashpee

“We’re also hoping that people who are relying on the black market, now those people will be able to come to a licensed dispensary and know exactly what they’re getting in their cannabis product,” O’Reilly said.

Mashpee has okayed the use of medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana is banned. O’Reilly says the Triple M site is looking to expand to recreational users in Plymouth in the coming months, but the Mashpee location will remain prescription-only.

Patti Anastasia is a medical marijuana patient who drives to Plymouth from Hyannis to get her CBD oil. She uses marijuana to treat her chronic pain and depression, but she said the 45 minute drive up from the Cape can be taxing on her health.

“I’ve had my license for about eight months,” she said. “I first had to travel to Brookline, and then I went to Hanover and now I’m coming here, so I can’t wait until Mashpee opens.”

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