Cape Cod's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Mashpee

Cape Cod’s first medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in Mashpee in the next few days, five years after voters legalized medical marijuana in Massachusetts. The company behind the dispensary is “Triple M,” which operates an existing dispensary and cultivation center in Plymouth. WCAI’s Sarah Tan visited the Plymouth site to get an idea of what’s to come.


It’s estimated that about 40 percent of Triple M’s customers in Plymouth are people driving up from the Cape.

In the years since voters legalized medical marijuana in Massachusetts, the state has been slow to permit dispensaries. Triple M is currently the only dispensary and cultivation center on the South Coast.


“We’ve been at this almost five years from when we first applied, to when we opened seven weeks ago,” Chief Operating Officer Kevin O’Reilly said. “It was quite a long process, both from the state regulators and also locally with the towns.”


On a tour through the Triple M facility, O’Reilly showed me the cultivation room and the processing room, along with the showroom up front. Product made at this Triple M site will be shipped to Mashpee in the coming weeks.


Because such a large portion of the Plymouth customer base is from the Cape, O’Reilly hopes the new Mashpee location will be more convenient for many people.


“We’re also hoping that people who are relying on the black market, now those people will be able to come to a licensed dispensary and know exactly what they’re getting in their cannabis product,” O’Reilly said.


Mashpee has okayed the use of medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana is banned. O’Reilly says the Triple M site is looking to expand to recreational users in Plymouth in the coming months, but the Mashpee location will remain prescription-only.


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