Capitol Wellness Solutions chosen to operate Baton Rouge's only medical marijuana dispensary

Need to pick up a medical marijuana prescription? Then you will have to travel to Picardy Avenue, near Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, where Capitol Wellness Solutions will operate the only medical marijuana licensed dispensary in the Baton Rouge area.

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy today unanimously picked Capitol Wellness Solutions, the top local applicant over Green Magnolia Rx, another Baton Rouge-based firm, to receive the Capital Region’s sole medical marijuana pharmacy permit.

The company’s license is one of only 10 the board will initially hand out to applicants hailing from one of nine designated regions in the state. Earlier this morning, the board gave the permit for the metropolitan region 1 to H&W Drug Store, the longest continuously-serving African American-owned pharmacy in New Orleans—and the fourth-place finisher in the selection process, making for an upset after hours of consideration.

The outcome for region 2, which includes East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding parishes, was much less surprising. Within 45 minutes—of which 10 minutes were spent deliberating in executive session—the board selected Capitol Wellness Solutions.

Gem Drugs CEO Randy Mire, who owns several pharmacies throughout the state, said medical marijuana legislation within the past five years sparked his interest in obtaining a permit. His firm’s name is “representative of the whole region we will serve—the Capital Region,” he said.

The Capitol Wellness Solutions pharmacy will be operated by T.J. Woodard, who owns and currently serves as the pharmacist-in-charge for Prescriptions to Geaux, in downtown Baton Rouge.

When he takes the reins on his new role, Woodard said he would pass down his Prescriptions 2 Geaux responsibilities to his wife, also a practicing pharmacist. State law does not allow one person to serve as pharmacist-in-charge for two different pharmacies. Former Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie will serve

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