Clearfield Medical Marijuana Testing Lab Nears One Year Since Approval

CLEARFIELD – ACT Laboratories, one of two state-approved medical marijuana testing centers approved in 2017, is nearing the one-year post approval status mark.

According to Jeff Nemeth, ACT Laboratories Inc. chief executive officer, the program is doing well and things in Clearfield have been running smoothly.

“We’re very excited to be there … the timeframe has been great for us. We’re growing with the program,” he said.

The decision to locate in Clearfield was mainly geographical. His company chose this area due to its central location in Pennsylvania.

Company officials chose the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in particular, because they believe the rules and regulations are set up very well and will make for a great system.

“I think the program is set up with a great see to sell tracking system,” Nemeth said. “The product is sent to a see to sell tracking system and you know … patient safety is first and foremost…”

He believes the laboratory and the state will be able to have open communication, which will in turn lead to a very successful program.

ACT Laboratories is also accredited in Illinois and Michigan and he believes Pennsylvania’s set up will actually make for an easier start.

“They did the program backwards in Michigan … they approved the state ballot initiative and it was kind of left up for interpretation by the person … what the law meant,” Nemeth explained.

According to him, there was no clear structure and a lot of back-tracking had to be done in order to get the proper zoning, licensing and approvals in place.

He feels Pennsylvania has done it in the opposite way, and that having clear guidelines makes it easier for the lab to follow.

“They set the program up with the regulations first, unlike Michigan,” he said, “and there

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