Colorado Reps Create First State Cannabis Caucus

Colorado Assembly and Cannabis Caucus members Leslie Herod and Chris Hansen

Inspired by Congress’ Cannabis Caucus, Colorado lawmakers have launched the first-ever cannabis caucus in a state legislature.

While Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in 2012 and implemented a tax-and-regulate program 14 months later, the debate over various aspects of the law and its impact has continued. From job creation to law-enforcement priorities and public education to health care, the Colorado Cannabis Caucus will facilitate discussions among lawmakers about how to address matters such as social consumption, product testing and the use of medical cannabis on public campuses.

The staff of Rep. Dan Pabon (D-Denver) was the first to show interest in creating the caucus. They talked up the idea up with other lawmakers, while Denver NORML focused on recruiting and providing educational materials. The first six members, all Democrats in the state’s General Assembly, also include Leslie Herod and Chris Hansen of Denver, Matt Gray of Broomfield, Jonathan Singer of Longmont and Dylan Roberts of Steamboat Springs. Its first meeting took place at the state capitol in Denver on March 16. Discussion focused on leadership, taxation, regulations, enforcement and the need for consumer advocacy.

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