Curaleaf Announces Florida's First Drive-Thru Dispensary

Things are looking up for the cannabis industry in Florida. More dispensaries are opening across the state. And the ban on smokable marijuana was recently ruled unconstitutional after everyone from outspoken attorney John Morgan to Florida Senator Bill Nelson called for the state to lift the ban. It seems the tide may finally be turning in favor of medical marijuana patients.

Now comes a new development: You’ll soon be able to get it from the safety of your own car. There’s a drive-thru dispensary coming to Florida. Curaleaf, one of the main marijuana providers in the state, with five locations around South Florida, just announced they will be opening a new dispensary in Palm Harbor, about 40 minutes north of St. Petersburg, that will feature the first drive-thru service in the state.

According to the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use’s latest update, there are 120,351 patients registered in the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry and 43 dispensaries operating across the state at the moment. The new Curaleaf location, which will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its grand opening on June 19, is poised to be number 44.

Many of those patients suffer from disabilities and degenerative diseases that make it hard to go into the dispensary in order to buy the cannabis products that will help with their ailments. Curaleaf’s secure drive-thru could be a solution for them.

“This is really about providing easy access for patients that might have a physical challenge or impairment,” explains Michelle Terrell, Curaleaf’s director of marketing and communications. “You have a lot of patients that have a difficult time getting out of their car, so this just enables us to offer them that type of a service so that they are better treated and taken care of. It’s all about the patients for

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