Dead: Medical marijuana, arming teachers, bathroom ban

Legislation Apr 04, 2018   Share

On a very busy day Tuesday — the last for a number of committees — several controversial bills died, some more quietly than others. 

Dead are an attempt to decriminalize possession of certain medical marijuana products, a ban on bump stocks for guns as used in the Las Vegas shooting, a push to allow teachers to carry guns, and a bill to force the state to pay for lawsuits if a school district passed a transgender bathroom ban.

A revived attempt to formally condemn white supremacists is also dead. However, legislation that would prevent immigrants from using consular identification issued by their home countries survived tough questioning in an House committee and will advance.

State Sen. Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville) pulled his medical marijuana legislation before the Senate Judiciary Committee could vote on it, saying that he feared the watered-down version of the bill would prevent a more expansive version passing in the next couple of years.

“Once you hammer somebody with a bill for three or four years and they pass something, they really don’t want to talk about it for a couple of years,” Dickerson told the Post‘s sister publication, Nashville Scene. “I stood up there and I said, ‘If I don’t pass it this year, I’ll come back next year; if I don’t pass it next year, I’ll come back the year after.’ At some point, we will get the votes.”

The votes were definitely not there for the latest attempt to allow schools to discriminate against transgender students. Unlike previous years, in which the legislation called for a statewide ban on transgender individuals using any bathroom other than that of their biological birth sex in public schools, this year’s version would have forced the state attorney general

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