Denver Dispensary Offering 1-Cent Weed Deal to Support Teachers on Strike

On Monday, union teachers in Denver, Colorado went on strike. Coming on the heels of a late-January victory for striking teachers in Los Angeles, the Denver teachers’ revolt is taking aim at many of the same issues. More than simply a movement for better wages, striking educators across the country are fighting back against the austerity, privatization and “education reforms” that are shuttering schools and disproportionately harming young students of color. In short, the strikes are about better schools, not just better pay. And for that reason, they’ve garnered massive popular support across the country.

Kind Love Dispensary Is Selling $0.01 Eighths to Striking Denver Teachers

There are lots of ways to support striking educators. Many local groups in Denver are already coordinating food drives and fundraisers for the teachers strike, helping facilitate childcare services and activities for students or just showing up to hold down the picket line. But the Kind Love cannabis dispensary in Denver is offering something else to striking teachers: insanely cheap, virtually free weed.

“We try to do what we can when we can,” said Kind Love chief brand officer Matt LaBrier. “For us, this is the easiest way that we can support them.”


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