Dispensary proposed for Glen Ellen intersection fires up the neighborhood

About 20 adults and their children took to the street May 14 with signs and opinions protesting plans to open a cannabis dispensary at the Firehouse Center commercial building near the busy intersection of Arnold Drive and Madrone Road.

“No pot here”… “No pot where children play”… “Find another spot”… and “Our neighborhood is not dispensable” were among the signs carried, and many of the grownups present were more than willing to articulate their objections to the Apothevert dispensary, which has been issued a permit pending final county approval.

The permit will come before the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission on Wednesday, May 23, along with three other permit applications for cannabis businesses in Sonoma Valley – an indoor cultivation permit, an outdoor cultivation permit and another dispensary.

Janette Friedman filed the permit application with the county in November to open what she called a “medi-spa” in the Firehouse Center building, where GlobalMed Technologies is currently located. She sought a use permit for a new medical cannabis dispensary with 1,891 square feet of retail floor area in an existing 3,000-square-foot office building zoned for “limited commercial” use. The application has gone through several stages of county review, as have the other three applications on the May 23 agenda.

“I am going above and beyond to make sure the neighbors are heard, because they have some concerns,” said Friedman. “But they don’t have the facts.” Admittance to the dispensary is through a trained receptionist, and no one under 21 is allowed in unless they have a medical recommendation, in which case the age limit is 18, in accordance with county and state law.

The other dispensary up for SVCAC review is to be located at 105 Fremont Drive, near the intersection of Highways 116 and 121, the so-called “Big Bend” intersection. Although

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