Expert Joints Premieres on High Times TV Today!

Craig Ex, founder and host of Expert Joints, says he’s humbled to hold the torch for B.C.’s legendary weed industry on High Times TV.

Season four of Ex’s Vancouver-based webcast, plus his on-the-ground event coverage and numerous tutorials, are the newest additions to the publication’s video offerings.

“Expert Joints is a multi-platform media outlet offering a voice to cannabis enthusiasts from B.C. and around the world,” he says, practically singing the slogan in his charismatic host voice.

“Basically, I roll joints and talk to people about weed.”

Sitting in his living room, of course rolling one of his signatures, he recounts the five-year journey to building one of the country’s most successful and “well put together” underground weedia companies: Studio 710.

It started in 2013, when, after two grueling decades working various jobs in the hospitality and events industry, Ex took some time off to refocus.

“Turns out, 20-some-years of life kicking me in the balls enough did some damage,” he says, laughing. After six-months holed up on his couch, sedated on a handful of prescription medications, Ex did what anyone gripped by an existential crisis does: he made a list.

Realizing he couldn’t return to the thankless 18-hour-day grind, he set

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