Famous Modesto marijuana dispensary fighting to stay open

A marijuana dispensary in Modesto, famous for helping children all over the country, will be able to keep it’s doors open longer than anticipated.

Jayden’s Journey won’t have to close, but they are still waiting for a final word from the county on the future of their shop. Recently they were told to close their Modesto location because it didn’t pass the county’s application process.

The shop’s owner Jason David disagreed and appealed the decision. Friday evening, the county called and said they can keep their Modesto location open until a final decision is made.

“Waiting is the hardest part, but we are hopeful that we can get Jayden’s Journey back up and running,” said John Armstrong, who is representing the dispensary. “No we are not giving up. If we did get a ‘no’, and we are hopeful we don’t, but if we did, then our remedy would be to go to court.”

David is hopeful they won’t have to go to court.

“It has taught me a lot. It’s taught me that we can get through anything. I’ve seen Jayden dying. And there’s not worse torture than seeing your kid suffer, being alone and seeing your kid’s struggle. I’ve been through worse and know we can overcome it,” David said.

After all, David said it’s about his son Jayden and all the other children and families who rely on their product called “Jayden’s Juice” to survive.

“My mission is to help others. I want people to not go through he same thing I went through with Jayden,” he added.

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