First local cannabis dispensary opens in Fort Walton Beach

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Medical marijuana patients will now be able to go to a store in Fort Walton Beach and buy their medicine, rather than having it delivered to them.

“We were one of the original license holders back in 2015. We began delivery of medicinal cannabis in 2017, January 2017, when Amendment Two went into effect and people could start receiving orders around the state,” KNOX spokesperson, Scott Klenet said.

Serving patients from Key West to Pensacola, this location will be the first KNOX Cannabis Dispensary in Northwest Florida.

“What we have found is a patient that comes into a dispensary often really enjoy the experience of developing a relationship with the staff here on site,” Klenet said.

It’s not the stereotypical image of what many may think a dispensary looks like but more like a pharmacy.

“We are, of course, regulated by the Department of Health and this facility needed to go through inspections before we could open,” Klenet said. “We also want to make sure we are far away from schools, parks, those kinds of sensitive areas.”

KNOX representatives say they are providing a professional healthcare environment that puts the welfare of patients first.

“Our average patient is in their late 50s which I think surprises a lot of folks. Our youngest patient is nine months old,” Klenet explained. “We have several pediatric patients suffer from epilepsy. We find [the] CBD products we offer are very effective in combating epilepsy. Our oldest patients are in their 90s who may be suffering from end-stage cancer or Parkinson’s or any other number of conditions.”

“The marijuana plant has hundreds of different molecules in it and that’s why it works so effectively from everything from Parkinson’s disease, tremors and seizures, to cancer pain,”

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