Governor of Utah Promises Back-Up Medical Marijuana Bill if Prop 2 Fails

Cannabis legislation has struggled in Utah. Political opposition and legislative stonewalling have led to numerous setbacks and half-measures that have both failed to satisfy advocates while still drawing the ire of opposition groups. Earlier this year, Utah passed a bill adding cannabis to their “right to try” law, giving terminally ill patients the right to try medical treatments that don’t have FDA approval. But pro-cannabis organizers continued pushing ahead, gathering many more signatures than required to bring a much wider legalization bill, the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, to vote this November. There’s broad support for the bill, but the Utah Medical Association and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have mounted a coordinated and influential counter-campaign.

So the fate of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, on the ballot as Prop. 2, remains uncertain. But at a press conference Thursday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert made a promise. He said that if voters don’t approve Prop. 2, a measure Gov. Herbert does not himself support, he’ll push for legislative action to legalize medical cannabis anyway.

Utah Gov. Wants a Medical Cannabis Bill—Just Not This One

“This bill is not perfect,” Utah Gov. Gary Herbert told reporters at his monthly

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