Halifax dispensary once again the target of break-in, police raid

Published Monday, May 21, 2018 11:58AM ADT
Last Updated Monday, May 21, 2018 12:20PM ADT

HALIFAX — A Halifax cannabis dispensary has once again found itself the target of an alleged break-in followed by a police raid in what the store’s owner said is becoming a pattern.

Officers responded to an alarm at Coastal Cannapy Dispensary on Agricola Street at around 2:40 a.m. on Monday, where they discovered the front door had been forced open, Halifax Regional Police said.

They said that while officers were investigating they found a large quantity of cannabis and drug paraphenalia inside the business.

A police spokesman said they’ve obtained a search warrant, but declined to comment further on the case.

An emailed statement from Coastal Cannapy owner Andrew Laughlin said this is the fifth time the business has been raided by police.

“Over the past few weeks, and just again today, we have been in the public eye,” the statement read. “We have been robbed and raided and now it’s time we speak up to counter a narrative government is trying to create.”

The incident comes only a few days after a similar incident. On May 16, police said they seized a large amount of cannabis and paraphenalia from the dispensary just a few hours after being called to investigate a break-in.

In his statement, Laughlin said the dispensary is being unfairly targeted.

“We are not an outlaw business operating in the shadows. We are an open, transparent public business that serves 300-500 customers on average daily,” he said.

“We, like many businesses in this province, face regulations that do nothing but slow growth, all the while facing off with a government that is one of the least business friendly in Canada.”

He said Nova Scotia’s current model for marijuana retail

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