Heated hearing on medical marijuana dispensaries held in Westport


A public hearing was held in Westport Thursday on proposals for medical marijuana dispensaries, and supporters and opponents of the issue became emotional at times.

Westport’s Planning and Zoning Commission heard proposals for two dispensaries, one at 345 Post Road West and another at 1505 Post Road East. There have also been talks of at least one more location.

Those who support the dispensaries say the stigma associated with medical marijuana use has no place in Westport. Opponents argue they’re just a way of making money.

The hearing became heated at times, and the commission called for a recess. At one point, a police officer was called in.

Hearings on the dispensary proposals were continued until April 19.

The emotional hearing came on the same day that history was made in Hartford, as a legislative committee advanced a bill that could pave the way toward legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. That bill calls for the creation of a regulatory authority that would come up with a plan to legalize marijuana. Any plan would still have to be approved by the full state Legislature.

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