Hickenlooper rejected medical marijuana for autism treatment in Colorado. What would his potential replacements do?

Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed four bills Tuesday, including legislation that would have added autism spectrum disorder to the list of conditions treatable with medical marijuana. The bill would have allowed parents or guardians to use medical marijuana to treat children with autism.

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, a fellow Democrat, was the first gubernatorial candidate to respond, issuing a release Tuesday evening saying he would have signed all three bills vetoed by Hickenlooper.

He said would like to see the medicinal marijuana bill reintroduced next session. The bill had overwhelming support in the House.

“Unfortunately, in the past two days our governor has vetoed three significant pieces of legislation that would have helped Colorado families and businesses,” Polis said in the statement. “HB 1263, led by Rep. Hooton and Sen. Fenberg, would have helped Coloradans with autism receive the care that will help them go to school, start careers, and live fulfilling lives.”

Three Republican candidates weighed in on Hickenlooper’s decision during a debate hosted by Colorado Public Television on Wednesday.

A campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez said he would be in “rare agreement” with Hickenlooper due to the reasons cited by Hickenlooper. He said something similar during the debate.

“I think we need to be very cautious when we move forward with marijuana,” Lopez said during the debate.

Similarly, Republican Doug Robinson said he agreed with all three vetoes. In a statement released earlier Wednesday, Robinson said he would like to explore the effects of CBD oils, which is a substance in marijuana, and its potential for treatment.

“They’re bad for Colorado families,” Robinson said of the three bills during the debate.

Victor Mitchell differed from his opponents. He said he would have signed the bill allowing medicinal marijuana’s use to treat autism, but he would have vetoed the other two bills. He

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