How Cannabis Software Startup Cova Has Won Hundreds of Dispensary Clients in its First Year

Exclusive Interview with Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software

Cova Software, a division of wireless software company iQmetrix Software Development Corp., is a compliant dispensary software company that commenced sales in August 2017. CEO Gary Cohen sat down with New Cannabis Ventures to discuss how the company strives to be the “lovable” software provider in the cannabis space, why the company focuses on the retail market, and future growth.

Cohen background spans decades in the tech industry, stretching back to 1986 when he was selling one of the first cell phones in Denver. Since then, he has worked with more than 10 different tech startups, watching software roll out and navigating the road bumps along the way. He brings this expertise and an unshakable optimism to his leadership role with Cova.

How Cova’s Solutions Work

Cova sells point-of-service software to cannabis dispensaries, and Cohen sees three elements of this service that help clients scale their businesses, the first of which  is customer experience. Cova’s entire system is designed to engage and educate customers from the person who has never been in a dispensary to the more seasoned shopper. Retail is first and foremost about customer experience, and the company’s software aims to go beyond being a simple cash register. Second, the software is designed to be a powerful tool for anyone, including store managers and buyers, taking action to run the dispensary on a day-to-day basis. This means the system has functions like purchase order creation, inventory tracking, reorder limits, and more. Ownership is third piece of the puzzle. Owners have a robust set of tools at their disposal to set permissions for anyone who interacts with the software and strong, as well as reporting and analytics capabilities that allow them to drill down to metrics like sales

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