In 10-1 Vote, Supervisors Approve Sunset's Only Cannabis Dispensary

Last night, the Board of Supervisors rejected two appeals filed with the Planning Commission that sought to block a medical cannabis dispensary (MCD) from opening on Irving Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues.

As a result, Barbary Coast Collective will become the only MCD to operate in the Sunset district. 

One of the appeals, filed by the Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association, asked the Board to consider requiring Barbary Coast to close at midday and in afternoons when children may be more likely to be passing through the area.

Another appeal asked the Board to restrict the location to medical sales only, even after recreational adult use is permitted after January 1st.

However, Supervisors passed new rules last week allowing MCDs to temporarily sell recreational marijuana as they apply for new adult use permits. The Board approved a 45-day moratorium on new MCD applications in September as new regulations were finalized for dispensaries hoping to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Barbary Coast’s menu. | Photo: Kevin J./Yelp

Salvatore Alioto, the former owner of Sal’s Pizza, was the second appellant representing area merchants who said he understood the need for people to use cannabis, but didn’t believe the business was a good fit for Irving Street. 

Residents who spoke in support of the appeal were most concerned about children being exposed to marijuana products and potential second-hand smoke, but one speaker accused the Board of accepting favors from the cannabis industry, including money, deals and agreements.

“There is no benefit, or need for the Sunset district to have a dispensary,” the commenter said. “And we don’t want it. But you have voted for the proverbial fat cats. Shame on you.”

While the Barbary Coast application originally stated that the business would allow consumption on-site, Jesse Henry, the collective’s executive director, said the space was

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