Israeli and Swiss Companies Team Up to Breed Better Cannabis for Patients

A Swiss cannabis company has partnered with an Israeli genome analysis firm in order to create better varieties of cannabis for patients and consumers. Gene sequencing firm NRGene, based in Ness Ziona, Israel, announced the collaboration with Pure Cannabis Research AG of Zug, Switzerland in a press release on Tuesday.

Through the partnership, Pure Cannabis Research plans to breed varieties of cannabis that are tailored to meet its customers’ needs. Researchers will focus on creating strains of cannabis that produce healthier, hardier plants that are optimized for commercial production. The new varieties will have customized cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles targeted for specific therapeutic uses such as pain relief and sleep support. Strains that provide unique flavor profiles for energy drinks and products that provide an alternative to tobacco will also be developed.

The non-exclusive partnership between the two companies “will facilitate more rapid development of cannabis varieties than the current industry standard,” according to the release.

Stevens Senn, the CEO of Pure Holding Group, the parent company of Pure Cannabis, said the partnership will help his company identify desirable genetic traits in cannabis and then breed new strains that maximize the expression of those traits. The new cannabis varieties will then be

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