James Lankford and pro-medical marijuana group bicker over biblical quotes

On the backside, below a reference to campaign donations Lankford received from pharmaceutical groups, the mailer quotes from Matthew: “No one can serve two masters … You cannot serve both God and money.” Lankford called the accusation bizarre.

“Trying to claim that it’s drug companies putting me up to fight against them — that there’s some conspiracy to keep people from getting medications unless they go through a drug company — just seems really odd and a little bit conspiratorial,” the senator said.

Green defended the quote, saying, “$100,000 in campaign contributions linked to pharma as reported to the Federal Election Commission is not a conspiracy, it is public record.”

Lankford and other critics of SQ 788 allege it legalizes recreational marijuana use, not medical marijuana, due to the relatively large amount of marijuana patients would be allowed to buy. They also take aim at ambiguities in the proposed law, such as whether smoking in public would be prohibited, as it is with tobacco.

The mailer from Yes on 788 states Lankford “should know the Oklahoma Smoking in Public Places Act prohibits ALL smoking in public places.” The senator says the matter is far from resolved and will need to be clarified by the Oklahoma Legislature.

Lankford, who never served in state government, rarely wades into the murky waters of state policy but said he felt a strong urge to do so on the issue of marijuana.

“This has just such a dramatic effect on our families and our schools and our businesses and the future of our state,” he said. “I just felt compelled to be able to step up and speak as just another Oklahoman to say, I’m really concerned, if this passes, what happens with driving under the influence, what happens with workplace injuries, what

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