Know How to Behave When You Enter a Dispensary

The No. 1 place nobody wants to be a dork, a jerk or uncool: a marijuana dispensary.

And if you have never stepped foot in one, there is quite a bit that could go wrong. Maybe your phone rings and you actually take the call. Or you forgot your driver’s license, so you’re begging the security guard to accept your Ralphs card. You could interrupt the budtender or take a selfie or — horrors — reach out and actually touch something.

Uncool, dude.

Going to a dispensary is a lot like going to an upscale jewelry store. And just as you wouldn’t step outside of Cartier with a piece of jewelry to see how the diamonds sparkle in the sunlight, there are some basic do’s and don’ts about going to a dispensary.

Not to worry. L.A. Weekly’s got your back. With a little help from City Compassionate Caregivers, in business since 1996 on East Seventh Street in Los Angeles, we have put together the first L.A. Weekly guide to good dispensary manners. You could call it potiquette.

First, put the damn phone away. Leave it in the car. Turn it off for 15 minutes for once. Dispensaries are a No Phone Call Zone. And selfies — don’t even think about it. Remember, dispensaries are primarily a cash business. So they’re big on safety. Take photos and they’ll think you’re casing the joint. Take a phone call and you hold up everyone else waiting for the budtender’s attention.

Always wait your turn to see the budtender.

Rocky Anciano

Don’t bring an attitude, either. Most dispensaries cultivate a Zen-like atmosphere. So be nice.

No government-issued ID, no entry. You have to be 21 to get past the security guard who sits behind bulletproof glass as he buzzes in each

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