KOCO 5 News Chronicle: The Medical Marijuana Vote

KOCO 5 News Chronicle: The Medical Marijuana Vote




Updated: 11:19 PM CDT Jun 13, 2018

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WEBVTT be Freedom AN HISTORIC VOTE. GROWER LOG “This is medicine in its purest form.” DEA LOG 00:10:53:17 There is no medicinal benefit to marijuana. And I’d be glad to debate anyone that says otherwise. IF STATE QUESTION 788 PASSES’ … SHERIFF CHRIS WEST LOG 00;05;06;24 I actually believe crime will increase LAW FIRM LOG 13:50.22 – 13:5-.26 “I don’t think it’s as Wild Wild West as it might sound on paper. ” MEDICAL MARIJUANA’ WILL BE LEGAL IN OKLAHOMA. STATE MEDICAL BOARD LOG 00;20;27;22 As written state question 788 is not medical marijuana A K-O-C-O CHRONICLE… CHILD W/ SEIZURES LOG 00;08;42;11 It’s going to be life-changing for our daughter COVERING EVERY ANGLE. CHAMBER LOG it is bad for business. RIGHT NOW… THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA VOTE. GOOD EVENING… I’M JESSICA SCHAMBACH. MEDICAL MARIJUANA — IN OKLAHOMA. IN TWO-WEEKS, YOU VOTE. THE PROPOSAL IS ALL DETAILED RIGHT HERE IN STATE QUESTION 788′. FIVE-PAGES OUTLINING HOW IT WOULD WORK. FIRST TONIGHT, WE TRACKED DOWN TWO OF THE BIG GROUPS FOR AND AGAINST — STATE QUESTION 788′. 00;25;42;07 JESS: fill in the blank for me, marijuana is ? August Rivera / co-chairman of oklahomans against 788 00;02;32;02 Dangerous. It can be. Chip Paul / Chairman, Oklahomans for Health 00;25;45;25 Marijuana is a valuable medicine TWO GROUPS WITH VERY DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW— “OKLAHOMANS FOR HEALTH” — THE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT THAT GOT STATE QUESTION 788′ ON THE BALLOT… AND… “OKLAHOMANS AGAINST 788”. August Rivera / co-chairman of oklahomans against 788 00;01;33;13 we have issues with tobacco,

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