Let the genie out: Benefits of a medical cannabis dispensary

The green genie is out of the bottle and dispensing the three wishes hoped for by progressive leaders of municipalities who have embraced cannabis reform and adopted forward thinking ordinances: Quality of life improvements, new tax revenue, and education.

Calistoga should pass progressive ordinances permitting dispensaries and personal outdoor cultivation and create an ad hoc community group to work with city officials to develop a Request For Proposals for permit applicants and interview and recommend applicants for permit.

Quality of life is improved for all residents when cities provide safe access for those who currently, or intend to, use cannabis as medicine. With Calistoga composed of a large senior population, and people here to manage chronic conditions, city leaders should embrace a positive view of cannabis for future.

Many seniors already know cannabis is a blessing for the primary conditions that ail them: chronic pain (especially back and neck pain), chronic headaches, arthritis, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Why should this large segment of our community, who struggle the most with mobility and transportation, have to travel to legally acquire their medicine, understand the variety of products available, and have knowledgeable resources to help choose what’s right for them?

It should be obvious that a dispensary in Calistoga has the best chance of creating an atmosphere that fits our town’s low-key, friendly vibe. A local shop, staffed with folks reflecting Calistoga, who are well trained on products and their best uses, will quickly see the products needed and wanted by patients. 

Calistoga needs to look at actual facts. Research by UCLA concluded “dispensaries are actually wonderful neighbors because crime is reduced in areas surrounding well-regulated dispensaries regardless of crime level prior to their arrival. Dispensaries with security cameras and signs

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