Letter: Medical marijuana


In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card you must have at least one chronic condition. My husband has two chronic conditions, MS for the last 40 years and now severe pain in his back caused by spinal stenosis and arthritis unable to treat. Still he must apply for this card every year for $260. This is wrong. His conditions will last the rest of his life. Maybe have a re-assessment in five years but every year is silly. Some have chronic pain temporarily and I can see the re-application for these people on a yearly basis.

This law needs to be re-evaluated. Besides paying the yearly fee and perhaps finding a product which will help him won’t be cheap I’m sure and he has to maintain his supplemental and prescription drug plan as well which is expensive. $260 puts a burden on people for this reason. Taking prescription drugs for pain can damage your kidneys and marijuana doesn’t. We haven’t decided yet to get the card or not. Mainly because of the cost every year.

I support medical marijuana and have for years but not for recreational purposes.

Sorry! I just don’t. Maybe someday but not now.

Bernice Cressy

Prescott Valley

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