Liberty Twp. bans all medical marijuana businesses


Liberty Twp. trustees have agreed to ban all medical marijuana businesses, but may reconsider later allowing dispensaries after more research can be done.

The township’s legal counsel advised trustees that extending the moratorium that has been in place for over a year could be problematic, so trustees began the process to ban such new businesses, according to Liberty Twp. Trustee Steve Schramm.

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“It appears as if most of the good business opportunities have passed us by — the testing facilities, the processing facilities — that leaves you with basically retail outlets,” Schramm said. “It appears there’s been nobody in Liberty that has even applied for one. My only reason for hanging on to the moratorium as long as I did was we might have some kind of business opportunity and now they are all gone.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed into law last year a bill that legalizes marijuana for medicinal uses, including cancer, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic pain. It allows multiple forms of medical marijuana to be sold, such as edibles, oils, patches and vaporizing, but smoking the plant is not allowed. Neither are home-grow operations.

Bryan Behrmann, the township’s director of planning and zoning, said he recommended the ban — which can be undone at a later date — be placed now because there are still too many unknowns.

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“It was our recommendation that since the moratorium is expiring in March that we ban it at this point in time until we figure out how we want to address it long term,” Behrmann said. “There is still

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