Man Pursued by Police for Public Masturbation in Target, Found With 9 lbs of Weed

Police in Dover, Delaware, discovered nearly nine pounds of weed after pursuing a man who had been masturbating in a Target store. Lewis Foreman, 23, of Dover and two others were arrested in the case, according to local media.

Officers were sent to the Target store on Jan. 19 and again on Thursday after it was reported that a man was masturbating in one of the fitting rooms with the door open. On both days, the man exited the store and drove away in a gold Jaguar, according to police.

After fleeing from the store on Thursday morning, law enforcement officers tracked Foreman to the Manchester Square neighborhood of Dover. When police tried to stop him, he escaped on foot and entered a rear door of a nearby residence. Foreman then hid in the attic of the home with a woman, Tyra Mifflin, age 20. While the pair hid, a three-year-old child was left unattended in a bedroom of the house, according to police. The adults then surrendered themselves to police after hiding for a short time.

Search of Home Reveals 9 Pounds of Pot

Police then obtained a search warrant for the residence. When the warrant was executed, officers found 8.75 pounds

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