Marijuana and Pregnancy: Dispensary Warning Sign Bill One Step Closer to Law – Westword


A bill that would require dispensaries to post signs warning women not to smoke marijuana when they’re pregnant won preliminary approval from the Colorado House yesterday.

The measure, House Bill 15-1298, appears below in its entirety.
We’ve also included a Colorado Public Health and Environment report from earlier this year devoted almost entirely to negative impacts from pot use.

Surprisingly, the CDPHE report’s section on marijuana concedes that research is lacking when it comes to pinning down the effects of cannabis consumption during pregnancy — and this same tone is struck by a 2013 American Academy of Pediatrics report shared here as well.
In addition, some legislators have questioned whether the legislation contradicts the concept of treating marijuana like alcohol, since liquor stores aren’t required to post warning signs about pregnancy dangers even though the risks of alcohol use during this stage are very well known.
But as the Associated Press points out, the measure has bipartisan support and appears to be gaining momentum.
HB 15-1298 is sponsored by Representative Jack Tate from Centennial. Its summary reads:

The bill requires the department of revenue to promulgate rules regarding a requirement that a licensed medical marijuana center and a licensed retail marijuana store display in a conspicuous location a sign that warns pregnant women about the potential risks caused by marijuana.
The rules shall include the specific language developed in consultation with the department of public health and environment regarding the warning that must be included on the sign.
The bill prohibits a medical marijuana center and a retail marijuana store from knowingly directing marijuana advertising to pregnant women.

State Representative Jack Tate is the sponsor of HB 15-1298..

The CDPHE’s fears about marijuana use by pregnant women are outlined in “Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado,” issued earlier this year. Here’s a key passage:

Marijuana use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is a public health concern due to the potential harmful effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the developing fetus — with specific focus on the potential risk for birth defects, abnormal growth and physical development, and perhaps most critically, sub-normal brain development. Adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco consumption during pregnancy are well-documented. While research on fetal health outcomes related to marijuana exposure is limited, there is no known “safe” amount of marijuana use for women during pregnancy. Additionally, …Read More

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