Marijuana Was A 'Miracle Cure' For Her Son. So Why Was She Reported For Child Abuse?

Audio: Does child use of medical marijuana constitute abuse? Ann Marie Awad reports

Vicki Trujillo and her 12-year-old son Jonah at home. CBD oil and edibles were a ‘miracle cure’ for Jonah’s handful of diagnoses: ADHD, PTSD, impulsive mood disorder and oppositional defiant disorder.

Ann Marie Awad/CPR News

Treating minors with medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for as long as medical marijuana itself has — nearly two decades. In 2016, lawmakers even allowed caregivers to administer medical marijuana to minors on school grounds.

But what may be a lawful alternative to traditional medicine to one parent is a dangerous drug to another, with some even considering medical marijuana use among youth to be tantamount to child abuse.

While the medical community continues to research the impacts of marijuana on young children, parents who have completed the necessary paperwork for their child to be a card-carrying cannabis patient should have nothing to worry about.


After ‘Zombie’ Medications, A ‘Miracle Cure’ With CBD

Vicki Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Jonah has a handful of diagnoses. ADHD, PTSD, impulsive mood disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. His mother said he used to act out in school, cussing and throwing things.

“He would destroy a classroom,” she said.

The Trujillos first turned to a laundry list of pharmaceutical medications, almost all of them coming with their own litanies of side effects.

“If it was certain kinds of medication, he was a zombie,” she said. “He didn’t really function.”

One of those medications — an antipsychotic called Risperdal — left Jonah with violent spasms, which eventually became life-threatening. One time, Trujillo even found her son unresponsive.

“We had to call the ambulance, and I think it took the ambulance eight minutes to wake him up,” Trujillo said.

It was after those

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