Medical Cannabis in Alaska — back in play?

Medical Cannabis may be where it’s at after all, if legal Cannabis states want to side-step our federal government’s recent re-consideration of outright Cannabis prohibition. We all know that our nation’s top prosecutor seems to see nothing but red when it comes to the sacred green. Never mind that his position is in outright opposition to many of the fundamental underpinnings of our democracy, including majority opinion and state’s rights, and of capitalism itself.

It’s not just about the nonsensical over-regulation of a harmless plant that does nothing but positive things for humanity. We used to know this, during our greatest war, when the phrase “Grow Hemp for Victory” was more than an official slogan; it represented nothing less than a path toward a freer world. Now that this has all been flipped around, this useful plant is under attack by the some of the same forces in our government that once sang its praises.

Back in January, Anchorage Press columnist John Aronno penned a column titled “Alaska’s unlikely — but totally legit way to protect legal marijuana”. In it, Arrono summarized the recent history of federal Cannabis prosecutions, and how they gave rise to what is referred to as the Cole Memo, issued by President Obama’s Justice Dept. in 2012. This memo essentially made it the policy of the federal government to abandon the federal prosecution of marijuana users. While it wasn’t quite a change of law, this memo represented more than just an advisement of priorities.

Shortly after that YIELD column came out, a federal appeals court issued an opinion, determining that a congressionally-approved provision can be invoked to block the Department of Justice from spending money to defend against appeals from people convicted of medical marijuana activity that was in

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